We really love what we do and we love leading you in your practice. We’ve tried a lot of workouts in our day but it’s at the barre where we have found our greatest love. A low impact workout with undeniable results. Come to the barre at age 15 or 75 and you’ll feel empowered, challenged and safe in your workout. There is no one size fits all, which is why we offer modifications to all of our exercises and hands on adjustments to maximize your workout and protect your body.


Thanya Ha

About: Born and raised in Southern California, Thanya has always been a fitness enthusiast, staying active with activities such as running, swimming, yoga, and bootcamp. Her love for the barre developed over 5 years ago, when she took her very first barre class, being 16 weeks pregnant with her 2nd child. Not only was she surprised at how quickly her body changed after a few classes, but she was also impressed by how safe, yet effective, barre can be for clients of all ages and body types. She became a barre instructor in January 2017, and soon, turned her hobby of instructing into a passion, by developing ALIGN fitness + barre, with the help of some very special and amazing friends, who believed in her. In her spare time, you can find Thanya hiking nearby trails, playing music, loving on her dog and cat, or singing her head off with her two kids. At ALIGN, Thanya's passion is to provide clients with a fun, safe, encouraging, and energetic environment.


Samantha Hackett

About: Samantha grew up a swimmer and surfer in Southern California. After getting married and having a child she realized that quality time in the water was becoming more challenging and she needed something more to balance out her fitness goals. Samantha discovered ballet barre in 2009 and was instantly hooked. She soon became a certified barre teacher and opened her own studio. After running a successful studio for several years and wearing many hats of the business, Samantha knew it was time to sell her business and get back to what she loved most about barre- teaching. Samantha has found that the opportunity to join two amazing barre teachers from her former studio and help open Align Fitness and Barre to be an incredibly fulfilling experience. Samantha believes in taking on challenges that not only benefit yourself, but others. Those challenges become especially rewarding when you find the right people to take that leap of faith with.


Amanda Goad

About:  Amanda was born and raised in San Diego, she lives in Carlsbad with her husband, Garrett and their two children, Quinn and Ryan.  Always an athlete, and fitness enthusiast, she found barre and never looked back.  She has been a barre addict for over five years now, boasting that it is the only workout she has found that elicits the results while keeping her body safe.  Going on two years of fitness instruction, and only deepening in her passion for teaching.  “In leading any of my classes I am constantly amazed at the strength our clients demonstrate.  I am inspired, motivated, and in awe of our community, that energy is electric, and I am always leaving class wanting more.”  Grateful to be apart of your fitness journey, join Amanda in class today!