Align Fitness + Barre is a barre studio offering an extremely effective and engaging workout suitable for all fitness levels.  Our classes are designed to work the whole body, incorporating, the ballet barre, your own body weight, light hand weights, bands, and exercise balls to tone, sculpt and shape your body.  We offer our traditional Align Barre class for a one hour workout or if you are looking to kick up your heart rate our Align Cardio Barre for 45-minutes is also offered.  Classes are led by highly trained instructors who choreograph a unique class set to music to keep you motivated and push you to your best.


Our Align Barre classes combine strength training and stretching. Allowing you to create, long and lean muscles. We focus on four main areas; core, arms, thighs and glutes. We use light weights and high repetitions. Don’t let that fool you, we promise you’ll feel the burn.

ALIGN Cardio Barre

Our Align Cardio Barre class is designed to improve your cardiovascular health.  A faster paced class lasting 45 minutes, structured in intervals.  Periods of high intensity followed by low intensity, will maximize your results. The class is set to fun upbeat music, to keep your energy lifted and your spirits motivated. 


Please bring yoga mat and grippy socks to every class. Weights and balls are provided.

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